about the person

let’s play 20 questions

  • my full name is Julie Rose Mann
  • I was born on May 16th, 1994
  • I am United States citizen and this makes me feel Concerned. 
  • My star sign is Taurus 
  • I have One sibling.
  • I am currently working as a Cashier but I have my BS in Literature.
  • I was a Resident Advisor at EMU and it was a trip.
  • My pronouns are She/Hers and They/Them
  • I am Bisexual/Biromantic/Queer
  • I am more spiritual than religious, but either way it’s something that is very private/personal to me.
  • I really like Space and Running and Netflix.
  • I have One Tattoo and want more
  • Dogs are my favorite animal – my family has one but I’m also pretty fond of cats and in the process of fostering-to-adopting one.
  • I am Mentally Ill (BPD/Anxiety/Depression/PTSD)
  • and I am a Writer/Poet.


I mostly like to write about my personal journey with my mental illness/recovery, as well as how I experience the world around me. But honestly, this blog is a hodge-podge of what I want to write and what I would want to read about, (if I wasn’t me). You can also find me on Twitter @themeanestjulie (a joke) or Instagram @julierose_2013. I appreciate your patience as I’m unlikely to update this regularly – but I’ll do my best.