Vlog 9.4.16

Please enjoy this vlog where I ramble on about how my weekend was and totally forgot to talk about how lovely it was to see my mom and brother yesterday!


Why I Stayed an RA

(aka a decision I’m still working through).

This was a difficult decision. But I made it and now I have to live with it, only time will tell whether or not this was the right decision for me. But – why did I make it? Why did I stay? (A few of my friends have wondered this).

  1. Despite being frustrated to tears by certain aspects of it, at the end of the day, I love my job and genuinely enjoy working with my residents. For the most part, my experiences with them were positive and genuinely memorable/rewarding.
  2. This is a job that pushes you to grow as a person – for many reasons, whether it’s working with people whose beliefs are polar opposite with yours or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in order to truly connect with your residents. If you put yourself into this job at all, you will have to adapt – or you won’t be as good at it and you won’t learn nearly as much. All of this was and is still very important to me – I think growing as a person is the most is one of the most important parts of life. And having this job will keep pushing me.
  3. It pays for room and board. Clearly, this isn’t the most important or only reason why I’m staying – but it’s still a reason. I’m not afraid to say this – the amount of work that goes into this job does not always feel like it’s worth the compensation. So the room and board can’t be your only reason or you are not going to have a good time.

Those are all the reasons I can think of right now. This job takes a huge toll on a person, which I don’t believe is acknowledged nearly enough. Do I still think it’s worth it? Yes – sometimes.

I do know that, even if I wasn’t graduating, there is no way they could make me come back for a third year. My mental health is way too important to me for that. But I do think that I’ll be able to handle one more year and have it be a positive experience.


Summer CA: Wrap-Up

I’m writing this in advance but…

Two days ago was my official last contracted day as a Summer CA (Conference Assistant). Despite being told that I shouldn’t accept the position and that this summer would ruin my health, etc etc etc, I’m very happy that this is how I chose to spend my summer. I had no idea this period of May-August would turn out the way it did but like most of the things th00at have happened to me in life, I have no regrets and I wouldn’t change a thing.

The people on my staff were almost entirely new to me which was definitely more than a little scary, but goodness, I’m so grateful for them all now. I’ve had such a time with them and out of all the staffs I’ve been on with housing, I think this one will always be my favorite if only because of the diversity and individuality it contained.

I think this was also the staff with the most bonding and it all felt the least forced out of the staffs I’ve been on. These people, whether they’re aware of it or not, have just created the nicest, most supportive environment to be working in and I can only hope that my staff for the upcoming school year will be along the same lines.

Though my role for the summer was more RA at times than CA, I thoroughly enjoyed my working experience as well as all the fun parts. I feel almost completely comfortable going into the coming school year because I just never stopped what I was doing and I don’t feel like I’ve forgotten the fundamental, or even the more specific, parts of the job.

Depending on who was in charge and how the summer was structured, (apparently it changes yearly) I would definitely recommend this position to anyone wanting more res life experience/a way to stay on campus for the summer and earn money without having to pay for your housing.

Would I do it again? Maybe. I did miss being at home and with my dogs and I really won’t have much of a break between this position and Fall’16 Training. But I don’t actually feel that burnt out, (surprise surprise) so I think I’ll be able to give a stronger answer after I’m done with training and perhaps actually feel the burnout.

For right now, I’m just feeling grateful for the experience and all the memories.


Life Update: 8.3.16

Oh goodness it’s been a month. Let’s see what’s happened: Well my 30 days of BPD kind of flopped because I got ridiculously busy and then the executive dysfunction did not help. But it was fun while it lasted and hopefully I’ll do some more vlogs in the futre. We survived The Ironworkers (who were […]