Preparing for a New Semester

As I write this, I’m sick, in bed, and trying to muster up the strength to get as far ahead in my work as possible so I have less to do tomorrow. And part of the getting ahead is writing a blog post so that’s one less thing to worry about!

This post happens to be about preparation and planning, which, conveniently enough, is also the topic of my program tomorrow. At least among my friends and staff, I’ve gotten a bit of a reputation as one of the most organized people around. I’m not upset by this, though I find it funny sometimes because internally I’m a mess – I think that’s why externally I’m so put together. But I’m not a psychologist, so who knows. 

Anyway! My planning process: it’s very organic and kind of just happens, but there are a few things I always do before a new semester:

1. Gather my supplies, which this semester included recovering some old notebooks to repurpose for new classes (a great way to make something fit your style and not spend a bunch of money!) 

2. Set up my planner. Currently I’m using a bullet journal, which is a DIY planner, so it takes a little more effort than a traditional one. But the end effect is so much better for me. 

3. Transfer any notes that I’ll need still/review information. This is especially important with my Latin 102 class as it’s the second half of the class I took last semester and we’re starting up right where we left off! So I prepped by rewriting Vocab and reviewing the grammar (the hardest part)

And that’s it! Well, not really, but that’s the basis of how I get ready for a new semester with some nice pictures of what I’ve done so far. And now I’m going to go do another vital part of preparing for a new semester, which is rest so I can hopefully not feel sick in the morning. 

Best wishes to you all!



Setting Up My Planner(s)

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