Yes, it’s another V-Log

This one is from yesterday when I was walking back across campus after class because that was really the only time I had to do anything. It was an interesting experience – very freeing because you really can’t be self-conscious in order to do this. At any rate, here I am, in all my cross-campus-glory! […]

So it’s Been Awhile (V-Log 12.6.16)

Hello friends!

So this blog has been on the backburner for the past few months, and I really am sorry about that because it isn’t something I want to stop doing as I enjoy it a lot. But life has been incredibly hectic with NANOWRIMO, (which I finished!!) scrambling to make sure everything gets done for my grad school applications, (easier said than done) and finishing this second-to-last-semester of undergrad as strongly as possible.

That being said, with finals and then break coming up, I should have a lot more time to write and share with you all and I’m really looking forward to it! In the meantime, please enjoy this v-log!


P.S. yes I did cut off all my hair and I love it!

finals got me like;


that’s me, right now, sitting at my computer.

I’m someone who works well under pressure but only because I’m a Type A who can’t stand to fail at anything. There will be no failure this finals season, (I hope) but there may be some tears.

Who am I kidding, I’ve been crying all semester, tears are nothing new here.

At any rate, I’ve accomplished a lot today, this month, this semester, but because I still have so much left to go – it’s hard to see the progress. Checking things off my ever-expanding to-do list helps though. And on the up side, I finished the huge paper I have due today. Which leaves me with:

  1. 1 6 page paper
  2. 5 finals + 1 small essay (but one is take home, praise the lord)
  3. probably a lot of tears.


But I’ve made it through 5 semesters of this already – so I’m fairly confident that I’ll make it through this one too. I may end up staying in the library for an unhealthy amount of time, but stay tuned for that.


and if you were wondering what my class schedule is (all 3 credits):

  1. LITR 420: Studies in the British Novel
  2. LITR 450: Major Authors – Austen
  3. CHL 352: Folk Tales and Fairy Tales in Children’s Literature
  4. HIST 327: History of the Middle Ages to 1200
  5. HIST 109: World History to 1500.