Cat Momming: Week One

I can officially say that I truly understand the comparison between “furbabies” and human babies now, (as my furbaby sits on my couch and stares at me). While I still don’t think a cat or dog needs the same level of care a baby does or brings with it the same amount of anxiety and stress, I am a cat mom now and I’m happy to say I’ve survived the first week of motherhood. And even more exciting, the rest of my family has too.


As briefly mentioned last Thursday in the mini post, I brought Danu (dah-noo) home last Monday afternoon and initially it was a bit of a rough adjustment. I was expecting that based on both my reading/research as well as what the shelter manager (and her previous foster mom) told me. I haven’t officially adopted her yet, this was just the start of my trial run and I was (understandably) very nervous. The last thing I wanted was to do the wrong thing or move too quickly or make her hate me.

Thankfully, all of that reading and research and yes, buying two cat advice books, seems to have paid off because less than 72 hours after I’d brought her home she’d allowed me to touch her as well as begun eating and eliminating on a regular schedule, (and thankfully she’s stopped yowling all night long – that’s the really great part). And seven days after I’ve brought her home, it’s starting to feel like she’s always been around. She certainly acts like she has. My couch and computer chair no longer belong to me, my rug is looking more like a scratching post than a rug, (we’re working on using the actual scratching post but no luck so far) and I get very annoyed looks when the Dog’s barking upsets nap time.


It’s weird because I didn’t actually expect things to go this well. I hoped, oh boy, I hoped. But it’s hard to hope when it feels like everyone in the family is pessimistic and worried that the dog will lose his damn mind over the presence of another animal in the house. Which, he still hasn’t even noticed there’s a cat around. We aren’t sure why other than he’s just gotten used to the smell and because he’s never seen her, he doesn’t actually associate the smell with a real, live cat. Who knows. Whatever the reason he’s not acting like the world is falling apart I’m not going to be the one complaining because this week has been a lot more peaceful than any of us expected I think.

I’ve got some concerns to discuss with the vet/shelter manager about her eating, (after she eats she coughs and hacks and gags and then seems fine but ?? Who really knows and you can’t be too careful with a FIV+ cat) but other than that I think it’s safe to say that’s sunk her claws pretty deep into my heart and it would take a lot for me to decide not to adopt her at this point.

Also, Danu absolutely has the “tortitude” that her coloring is known for, if you were wondering.




Mini Post: Cat Initiation 

Look out for a long story version on Monday, but here’s the short of it! I picked up the newest member of my family, Danu, on Monday from the shelter and for the first 60 hours or so didn’t really see much of her. I knew she was eating and eliminating because well, food disappeared and poop appeared but I’m excited to announce that last night Danu decided I was worth investigation and left the safety of behind the tv to come say hi!

Here she is in all her glory. Very much a tortie I think, not so much the dark calico the shelter said. She enjoys pets and isn’t sure about treats or the click noise that comes with them. She is also slowly getting comfortable enough to explore the rest of her new environment and claim it for her own, (she knows who’s in charge here). 

The dog is still completely unaware she exists.