A Poem (yes I still write them)

To the Straight™ People I Know

When your friend says something offensive
Then offers the insincere half-assed apology
That is the song of your people –
Do not accept it for me
as if your Straight™ feelings could be hurt.

You are not offended for me.
You do not understand my pain.
You do not feel the cut that digs into my soul
and drags my feet from under me,
breath stolen as I am reminded
for the 20th time today
That I am the Other, the Unwanted,
the Victim of my own birth
who you choose to ignore
Or praise or love or belittle
or Allow to Exist.

You do not accept the apology meant for me
with tears and forgiveness.
Do Nothing.
At All.

I alone am the judge, the jury,
the executioner,
of my hurt, my trauma,
my offense.
And you do not speak for me


Yes, it’s another V-Log

This one is from yesterday when I was walking back across campus after class because that was really the only time I had to do anything. It was an interesting experience – very freeing because you really can’t be self-conscious in order to do this. At any rate, here I am, in all my cross-campus-glory! […]