30 Days of BPD: Day 1


Part 1: “Hi friends! Welcome to Day 1 of 30 Days of BPD, which my mom told me to point out means Borderline Personality Disorder, not anything else. She said some really long medical term that I don’t think anyone else would confuse it for, but she’s a doctor so that makes sense. This is going to be really quick, I’ll do a longer version later when I am not at work. So I just wanted to film this really quickly before I have to leave and go run errands and do all this stuff and then be on duty, and mmm yeah. So I’ll do a longer version later and cut it in with this, but I just wanted to make that clear. So I’ll check back in later. Bye!”

Part 2: “It’s errands time! And by errands I mean I literally just have to go pick up my birth control. Because apparently I thought I had to do a lot more but because I’m going home tomorrow. Yay! Thankfully. So I don’t really have to get groceries or anything yet which is really nice so shoutout to mom and dad for feeding me for the next three days. Haha, you guys rock – love you! Uhm, yeah so my morning went really pretty smoothly as usual. Saturdays are usually pretty easy for me. I wake up around 9, though this morning was a little different because I had to get my friend who spent the night over to the student center because she’s going on a trip to New Orleans -super cool! Uhm, but usually I wake up at 9 and then I go to work from 10-1, still did that, saw about one person, maybe two, it was like there is no one there and it was just in passing, they were trying to get through as quickly as possible. They did not want to say hi to me which I respect, it’s Saturday morning. So yeah I just got relieved so now I’m gonna go get my birth control, come back, eat food, and get ready to be on duty, and film the rest of this! So see you guys in a bit.”

Part 3: “All right. I’m home, I got the birth control, so mission accomplished there. And I’ve eaten food, which is important. So yeah, now I can do the rest of this for today. I mean obviously today is a Saturday so not much should be going on with my life. I’ll be chilling until 7 when I go on duty. – TBC

Well making this video was an adventure. The space books are really cool, I’m excited to start reading/learning from them. Honestly, the more I know about space, the better. At least I didn’t buy a bunch of books about the Amazon Rainforest. I really have little interest in that other than stopping the deforestation and destruction of natural habitats…

All right. I’m going to try and not buy any books about that.

Go team.

Have a good night everyone.


[original BPD post] [intro to 30 days of BPD]


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