So I Went to the Doctor’s…

And the good new is that I’m not dying.

But I do probably have mono. Which is not good news. Because I would very much like to keep my spleen un-ruptured. Oh and the swollen tonsils that strike fear and horror into the eyes of everyone who dare look upon them? Yeah I would like those to go back to normal as well.

Really the only good thing to come out of this sickness was being able to come home to Ohio for the first time in months (yes months). I missed my family. And my dogs. And my fluffy, giant white down comforter. It was also really nice to have my mom take care of me for the day yesterday because you know, being independent and an adult is all well and good but there’s nothing quite like your mom bringing you soup and giving you medicine and checking in on you.

That being said, if I’m a little AWOL from this blog – it’s because I’m catching up on some much needed sleep lol.

OH and finally getting a haircut.

The undercut will be back and at least two inches will be leaving from the rest of it as well and I’m so excited.

Pictures to come, I’m sure.



home & safety

Written 4.16.16 – when I was going through an especially rough pre-finals rough patch. I have not been home since December. Because home is not a place. Home is a person, a feeling, Home is safety.   I have not been safe since December Because I cannot create safety Within the rotting walls I live. […]


This was written on 3.22.16. I don’t always feel invisible, but when I do – it’s suffocating. i am a ghost haunting you screaming & shouting & begging you to hear me as you walk on by.   “can’t you see me?” i cry because one look just one look please look at me please […]

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this was written in fragments but culminated on this day and remains untitled. i’m good for the environment. i am starting to recycle the things that you touched and looked at with things that are new;   things that part of me wants you to know – but you never will.

Journal Quotes: February-April

Something I started doing when I finished my Wonder Woman journal and started this Star Wars one, was having a meaningful quote on every other page. This has turned into a really interesting way to introspectively look back and see how I’ve changed because what I found really meaningful in February I may not anymore […]


(a poem written on 3.9.16 after my discovery/diagnosis)

a diagnosis

is not a

death sentence.


it is a

sign that says


(in shocking red letters)


if you come here

you are walking on

t h i n  i c e.


a diagnosis is

a breath of fresh air

for 2.5 seconds before

the questions come.


“what does this mean?

“but did you talk to a real doctor?”

“how can you be sure?”

“maybe you’re overreacting?”

“so does this mean you’re crazy?”


sure. I’ll be crazy

if it makes you feel better.

because why should


be about me

when everything and nothing

has been



welcome to my

(now justifiable)

disorganized and irrational

mess of a mind,

(excuse the chaos)

where we go from

love to hate

in 2 minutes flat


as we

s p l i t.