Art 101: Update #2

So I’ve been in art for a few weeks now, (and it’s basically halfway over!) so I can safely say that I love it and kind of wish I was talented enough to major in it. Ah well, I’m still going to appreciate the experience and then some. Being in a 101 class, (especially during […]

unnecessary quiet

(written: 3.8.16 in response to a lengthy discussion/revelation in therapy)

it is amazing


when one is quiet

and everyone’s words

swirl around them

one realizes how


their presence

truly is

to these people

around youthem.


everyone talking


and no one talking

to. because

one’s presence is

unnecessary to

t h e m

as necessary as

they are to



i ask:

how does one break this?

words (1)

I really enjoy abstract forms in poetry and I love the idea of subjective definitions, especially with such powerful words. soulmate: looking up at the stars and feeling the pieces of you, the pieces of stars, calling out to them and knowing in that moment – you are home. love: sacrifices, compromises, support. saying you’re […]

I’m Feelin’ 22

Birthdays are important to me in a really fundamental way. I guess because my parents always emphasized their importance when I was growing up. Your birthday is the on day of the year when, (within reason) you can be the center of attention because by some kind of miracle, you survived your grand entrance into […]


I already have a video of me reciting this poem on my facebook, but I figured I should also publish the poem itself. I’m really quite proud of it. I have been struggling as of late with the idea of muchness   muchness: a noun. meaning a part of a being (me) that is absolutely […]

Art 101: Week #1

So I’m taking an art class this summer. To be honest, it’s mostly because I really didn’t want to take any more than a 15 credit semester my senior year, (I would be happier with 12 credits, but I am happiest knowing that I will graduate on time). That being said, I only have 2 […]

Post-Junior Thoughts

“Sure everything is ending… but not yet.” So. Final grades are in, (including the late one!). Classes are over. The books I used this semester are packed away in a box at home. And I finally have a chance to breathe, (for longer than 30 seconds). Similarly to the end of my freshman and sophomore […]

My Gender Expression

[lil’ refresher: my pronouns are she/hers AND they/them/theirs] Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be all-inclusive. I’ll do one of those later when I have more mental energy and informative links on hand. Anyway; I always like to start these kinds of posts with some definitions so we all start out on the same page, so […]