Summer 2016

For the coming summer, (May through mid-August) I will be, for the first time, away from home and kind of on my own. Housing still owns my soul, but that’s nothing new, (it’s been a long year, but such a rewarding one at the same time). I’m only taking one class, (Art 101) during summer semester […]

Borderline Personality Disorder

This post was originally going to go out sometime next month, but in light of recent events, I decided today would be better. I promise, it’s not as scary as it sounds. According to NIMH, (The National Institute of Mental Health) Borderline Personality Disorder, (or BPD) is defined as: a serious mental illness marked by […]

Water Those! [a blog post about my plants]

(I can’t take credit for the title – my suitemate/resident, Kiara, for 2015-16 said it at a potting-program I had with another RA. She’s a genius and if you don’t get the reference, just watch this).

Small disclaimer; I actually have the “blackest” (versus greenest) thumb on the planet, I’m fairly certain, because I’m so awful at keeping plants alive. That being said, I still really love plants. I love green things because they grow and they’re consistent.

We have a weird relationship. It probably has something to do with the paganism in all honesty. I just feel connected to the Earth, and plants are a part of that connection. Ideally, someday, I would like to grow my own food and cultivate a really organic, hippie lifestyle. Enough about that though.

Currently I have four plants in my room, all named after my friends for reasons I won’t get into, and all acquired in different ways. For example, one just started growing in the pot I had my tomato plant in after it died. So I just rolled with it. I also have a little bamboo shoot in my bathroom, a small succulent from Meijer, and some morning glory sprouts which I’m anxiously waiting to transplant to a bigger/better climbing-capable pot.

Hopefully I won’t kill any of these poor babies. I’m not so worried about the succulent or the bamboo, but everything else. Well, who knows what’ll happen there. I’m also hoping this summer to really begin amassing a plant army of a kind because I love how much more at home I feel in my room at school when there are growing things around. They aren’t as great as a dog – but they aren’t a bad substitute either.

Right now, they’re mostly just really nice to look at because finals, my personal life, everything going on right now, are all really running me into the ground so it’s nice to come back to my room and see such a peaceful array of living things.

Speaking of watering things – I should go do that now.

Wishing you all the best this finals week,


finals got me like;


that’s me, right now, sitting at my computer.

I’m someone who works well under pressure but only because I’m a Type A who can’t stand to fail at anything. There will be no failure this finals season, (I hope) but there may be some tears.

Who am I kidding, I’ve been crying all semester, tears are nothing new here.

At any rate, I’ve accomplished a lot today, this month, this semester, but because I still have so much left to go – it’s hard to see the progress. Checking things off my ever-expanding to-do list helps though. And on the up side, I finished the huge paper I have due today. Which leaves me with:

  1. 1 6 page paper
  2. 5 finals + 1 small essay (but one is take home, praise the lord)
  3. probably a lot of tears.


But I’ve made it through 5 semesters of this already – so I’m fairly confident that I’ll make it through this one too. I may end up staying in the library for an unhealthy amount of time, but stay tuned for that.


and if you were wondering what my class schedule is (all 3 credits):

  1. LITR 420: Studies in the British Novel
  2. LITR 450: Major Authors – Austen
  3. CHL 352: Folk Tales and Fairy Tales in Children’s Literature
  4. HIST 327: History of the Middle Ages to 1200
  5. HIST 109: World History to 1500.